Rainbow Web

Rainbow Web

An adventure puzzle-solving fantasy game
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Sugar Games
The game's story takes place in a fantasy land where a giant spider has cast a web. The player solves sixty predetermined puzzles to remove the web from key location, score points and advance the plot. High scores are kept, dynamic graphics and sound effects are featured.

In the heart of a wonderland, surrounded by crystal clear lakes, mighty stone, and age-old forests there existed the Rainbow Kingdom.
But as it usually happens in all fairy tails, there appears someone, who is not pleased when things go right. In Rainbow Web this is Spider, a wicked and mighty wizard. It casts a spell on the land and all fairy tail creatures and spins a web around.

The poor Rainbow citizens are waiting for a hero who can remove the spell and bring peace to their kingdom.

That hero is you, and you must free letters from the magic web to restore the real names of the magic scenery. Once all the names are restored, the kingdom will be back to sunlight and rainbows will color the sky.

Come through 60 levels to break the spell and return the Rainbow Kingdom to sunshine!Rainbow kingdom was a nice and peaceful place, were good people found a home, when an evil wizard saw the smiles and happiness of the people, a bad haze shadowed this kingdom. A spider, a wicked and this evil wizard cast a spell on the entire kingdom and evolve it with a spider net. A kindly wizard opened a magic portal from our world so a hero can come and help Rainbow kingdom. You as a hero must help and remove the spell.
Rainbow web is a great puzzle and a very simple game to play. The main screen shows you how to start game, the rules, set options, check web site and exit the game. You can set options like full screen, music and sound. The rules of the game are simple, in the spider net that surrounds the kingdom you will find some beads of different shapes and colors, you need to swap them and place them in groups of 3 or more equal beads to disappear them, some of them have some letter, you need to consider those to form a word that will opens doors and will let you go trough more levels until you reach the castle and remove the hole spell from the kingdom.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Great entertaining story


  • Game runs very slow
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